Oracle Commerce Upgrade

Why should you upgrade?

Adobe Flex. In 11.3 version business tools Business Center Control (BCC), Endeca Experience Manager are using flex UI. Starting January 2021 Chrome stopped supporting Flex UI and It has become necessary that your application need to be migrated for the new version for internal users to continue with their daily activities.

General improvements in Endeca Indexing, Promotions processing.

Pre-migration Steps

  • Export your current workbench content.

Migration approach

  • Install new version of Endeca 11.3.2, update environment variables.
  • Install new version of ATG 11.3.2 in build box. In typical upgrades kit updates existing installation. As several UI components changed it is recommended to do fresh installation.
  • Import exported workbench content.
  • Execute new SQLs. Though toolkit did not mention about new SQLs, we did notice additional SQLs are required and found them while Running the server. Most of them related to personalization and Search.
    • Following are the SQLs we need to run as part of migration from 11.3 to 11.3.2 are given below.
  • Update ATG_HOME environment variables in build box.
  • Build and Deploy your current code on new Oracle commerce version.

Issues faced

  • Endeca workbench content did not import Links element. They renamed to linkspwa which was not given in migration toolkit.
  • Missing SQLs during startup which are not captured in migration toolkit.
  • BCC big string properties appear as small text box.
  • BCC Excel import automatically converts numeric value to decimal
  • BCC Excel import does not understand cell references
  • Incorrect value for unlimited checkbox display in 11.3.2
  • Cannot Close Save Confirmation Dialog due to Console Error
  • Focus of newly added item in collection property is incorrectly set
  • Big string Plain editor height is always 1
  • In IE, Segment Rules do not wrap over lines
  • BCC Promotion throws an error opening or creating a promotion
  • XMLFilterService does not handle secured repositories
  • Cursor Jumps To Next Field When Typing In Current Fie while targeter creation in 11.3.2 BCC
  • 3.2 ATG Merchandise advance search box issues.
  • Review changes display blank dialog
  • BCC UI throws Error when saving Null value for Optional ENUM property
  • Promotion start and end date not visible
  • Focus of newly added item in collection property is incorrectly set
  • After Applying 11.3.2 FIXPACK 0.1, Promotion Error Still Occur
  • INHERIT OPTIONS NOT SHOWING for htmlStringEditor
  • Deployment Stop/Cancel not working
  • Issue with Type as Literal in PMDL rule creation
  • “Select All” Issue with typed assets in a project
  • BCC – External image icon not displaying for list of Products within category
  • js doesn’t handle default values
  • Issue with Discount Type Field Value
  • While editing targeters, Catalog name that appeared before “Save” changed
  • Site administration customization with a list property throwing null exception in BCC UI
  • Adv Search for description containing apostrophe causes RestException
  • AmPvAttUsrSAOverviewMaxHeight is ignored in CollectionEditor.js
  • BCC Date/Time does not follow user preference locale
  • Custom promotion template resource bundle not incorporated with OOTB
  • Products catalog media Images are distorted in BCC
  • Edit option is not available for repository properties with cascade delete
  • Users can not use comma as decimal separator when editing
  • Issues with Type as Literal field while creating promotion
  • Restrict multiple clicks on reference items
  • INHERIT OPTIONS NOT SHOWING for BigStringPlainTextEditor
  • BCC Excel import with Date including Time loads incorrect time
  • Spinner never goes away after sorting in BCC

Solution for Above issues

Oracle has proved Fix pack version 8. Which is needed some attention before going to production. When we apply this, it will make changes on the installation directory of ATG 11.3.2. It has some view mapping changes as well for BCC. We need to rebuild all the EARs and test rigorously in lower environments.

SQLs not mentioned in Migration kit

CREATE TABLE srch_end_task (

repository_id              varchar2(254) NOT NULL,

config_path         varchar2(254) NULL,

indexing_phase             varchar2(254) NULL,

status                     INTEGER      NULL,

success             number(1)    NULL,

supports_record_count     number(1)    NULL,

start_time          DATE   NULL,

end_time            DATE   NULL,

records_succeeded   number(19, 0) NULL,

records_failed             number(19, 0) NULL,

CHECK (success IN (0, 1)),

CHECK (supports_record_count IN (0, 1)),

PRIMARY KEY(repository_id)


CREATE TABLE srch_idx_job_tasks (

job_id                     varchar2(254) NOT NULL REFERENCES srch_end_job(repository_id),

task_id             varchar2(254) NOT NULL REFERENCES srch_end_task(repository_id),

PRIMARY KEY(job_id, task_id)


CREATE INDEX srch_idx_job_tasks_job_idx ON srch_idx_job_tasks(job_id, task_id);

create table dcspp_item_ext_data (

commerce_item_id    varchar2(40) not null,

external_data_id    varchar2(40) not null,

sequence_num integer      not null

,constraint dcspp_itexda_p primary key (commerce_item_id,sequence_num)

,constraint dcspp_itexda_d_f foreign key (commerce_item_id) references dcspp_item (commerce_item_id));

create table dcspp_ext_ci_data (

external_data_id    varchar2(40) not null,

name   varchar2(254) not null

,constraint dcspp_ext_ci_data_p primary key (external_data_id));

create table dps_prf_ctx (

profile_ctx_id      varchar2(165) not null,

property_name varchar2(256) not null

,constraint dps_prf_ctx_p primary key (profile_ctx_id));

create table dps_prf_ctx_list (

profile_ctx_list_id varchar2(165) not null,

kind   number(10)   not null

,constraint dps_prf_ctx_lt_p primary key (profile_ctx_list_id));

create table dps_prf_ctxs (

profile_ctx_list_id varchar2(165) not null,

seq    number(10)   not null,

profile_ctx_id      varchar2(254) not null

,constraint dps_prf_ctxs_p primary key (profile_ctx_list_id,seq)

,constraint dps_prf_ctxs_f_f1 foreign key (profile_ctx_list_id) references dps_prf_ctx_list (profile_ctx_list_id));

create table dcs_prf_ctx (

profile_ctx_id      varchar2(40) not null,

price_list_id varchar2(40) not null,

sale_price_list_id  varchar2(40) not null,

catalog_id   varchar2(40) not null

,constraint dcs_prf_ctx_p primary key (profile_ctx_id));

create table dcspp_ext_ci_data_vals (

external_data_id    varchar2(40) not null,

vals_key     varchar2(254) not null,

vals   varchar2(254) null

,constraint dcspp_excida_p primary key (external_data_id,vals_key)

,constraint dcspp_excida_d_f foreign key (external_data_id) references dcspp_ext_ci_data (external_data_id));

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