Pandemic Preparedness

Our Commitment: Employee Safety along with focus on Customer’s business and the respect for our communities.


  • In touch with our local authorities. Periodic communication to associates through different channels.
  • Communication on what should & shouldn’t be done in these times.

  • Communication
  • Connect

    • Daily connect with associates to know their well being
    • Share any required information & address specific needs

  • Connect
  • No Travels

    • Stopped all domestic and International travels
    • Working with local authorities for some of the unavoidable upcoming plans

  • No Travels
  • Internal Process

    • Internal Systems and Processes are tuned to not have any dependency on physical office
    • All project execution and support process are tuned and published

  • Internal Process
    • DigiSprint has proactively added more members to the current teams. This is to ensure there is no impact on the coverage of the support, just in case any of our associates are not available.
      DigiSprint is also aggressively creating additional teams for the upcoming needs of our customers.

      Internal Processes

      Updated all our internal processes to make sure we have 100% productivity irrespective of associate work location
      Systems & Processes
      Systems and processes are not dependent on physical location.
      • All associates to have High-End Laptops (With Camera for Video Calls)
      • Cloud Servers for development/ testing/ debugging code changes
      • Access to all collaboration tools for all associates
        • MS Teams for Video/ audio calls
        • MS Azure task allocation/ tracking tools
        • MS Whiteboard and other Office 365 tools
      • Close communication within the team. Clear Communication process set within the team. Productivity checks along the day
        • 2 stand up calls per day, mandatory for all the associates
        • Individual video calls for focused discussions
        • Protocol for production issues/ WAR room scenarios
      Hygiene @ Workplace
      Clean rest rooms, soap, sanitizers, tissues always accessible. Mandatory hygiene practices for associates.
      Work from Home
      Clear guidelines for work from home are published to the associates

      Make Remote Working Effective

      General guidelines & best practices for associates: Work from home is not a privilege, it's a necessity in the current scenario. These guidelines are just to make your remote working productive as well as to give you the required flexibility.
      • A silent corner or a room away from TV/ Radio & noisy appliances
      • Workspace with good cellular and WIFI/ Internet coverage
      • Power/ Internet line backup options
      • Mandatorily attend the stand-up calls
      • Focused discussions/ calls to be Video calls
      • Every 2-hour video connects for all emergency production issues
      • WhatsApp group for any short/ urgent communication within the teams
      Devices & Equipment
      • Maintain your work laptops/ mobile phone
      • Keep laptops/Mobile always with 50%+ battery levels
      • Invest in a good handsfree earphones/ headphones
      • Recommendation: Wired headphones that fit laptop & mobile
      • Check for windows updates/ antivirus scans/etc. few hours before start of work
      • Always keep your MS Teams application open when you start work.
      • Keep yourself on mute during calls, unless you are speaking Individual calls/ discussions within the team over video calls